Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

Since the turn of the new Millenium, socializing and networking have taken a whole different dimension. For instance, the launch of blogs and Youtube greatly helped people in various fields and professions to share ideas which in turn boosted creativity. Some of the most impressive tips in life are shared as hacks, which are just simple but clever tricks that make it easier to accomplish a task.

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Kitchen Hacks

These hacks in a kitchen setting are particularly, ingenious methods of improving creativity while helping to prepare some scrumptious meals.

  • Grating Butter

When baking, it is at times cumbersome to create a perfect mixture for the dough. In fact, when you scoop some butter and add it to the flour, it becomes hard to mix it proportionally. A simple way around this is to store the butter in a refrigerator, then grate it to into the flour. This way, it is much thinner and spreads evenly much quicker. Furthermore, it melts faster which improves the quality of the overall product.

  • Pressing a Hole Into A Burger

Cooking a burger poses one simple challenge – to cook it evenly! Usually, the outcome is always that one side is undercooked while the other is overcooked because of its circular yet uneven shape. A simple hack around this is to use a finger to press right through the middle of the circumference on both sides. It is a simple trick that ensures the heat is evenly distributed from the heat source to/around the burger which cooks it proportionately.

  • Vinegar To Clean Your Microwave

At times, when using the microwave, the heat can be so intense, that the rapid boiling or fragments of hot food splatter all around the interior surface. Once these bits cool, they become solid and tend to stick on the interior. It is difficult to clean them off using cold water and to some extent hot water, which can damage the interior surface. Warming up a solution of vinegar in water using the microwave for a couple of minutes allows the steam to loosen these food fragments. All you have to do afterward is to just wipe them off of the inner surface of the microwave.

  • Storing Tomatoes At Room Temperature

A refrigerator keeps food at a subdued temperature which is well below the average room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. This is useful when it comes to keeping bacteria at bay, particularly those that can speed up the fermentation process to make food rot quicker. However, on the negative side, fruits tend to lose their flavor because of this, and it is, therefore, advisable to store tomatoes at room temperature. They get to retain their flavor which is an advantage that helps you prepare hearty delicacies.

  • Freeze Meat To Make It Easier To Slice Thin Pieces

Slicing meat after it has defrosted is easier, but only when you want it in sizeable pieces. If you want to, however, make them wafer-thin similar to carpaccio, then it is advisable to freeze the meat for a little while. Afterwards, it becomes solid plus easier to ‘chisel’ into very fine slices.

  • Flour Your Potatoes

When cooking potatoes, you can sprinkle a spoon of wheat flour on each of them. It makes them crunchy and tastier, almost like you were deep frying them for crisps.



These are some of the simple life hacks in the kitchen that can turn you from being an average cook into somewhat of a master chef with quite a number of tricks up your sleeves.

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